Upcoming events, posts, guest posts, plans, etc.

Tomorrow (Monday, November 21) I will be attending an advanced screening of The Muppets, starring and written by Jason Segel. In conjunction with seeing this production ahead of time (and for free, a detail I’m most happy about) I will be doing a series looking back at all the different Muppet movies of the past … Continue reading

Weird obsessions with random actors or actresses: Part I

I don’t know whether obsession’s the word I’m looking for here. Let me explain. I don’t mean randomly picking an actress or actor, and becoming completely obsessed with them, head over heels in love with them, stalking them around the city, taking pictures of them. What I do mean is: Has there ever been a … Continue reading

The progression (and deterioration) of Adam Sandler’s genius

I put it off long enough, but with the release of Jack and Jill back on the 11th of November it’s time to discuss this. What happened to my longtime favorite comedic actor/writer, Adam Sandler? I have stuck with him through some questionable movies, thinking it would all come around to his next great release. … Continue reading

3D movies look like they have passed the test of time, but how long will they really last?

I think, if I’m remembering correctly, Beowulf 3D was the first 3D movie I saw in theaters. That was back in 2007. Five years ago I went to see a movie I didn’t really have much interest in for a couple of reasons. For one I, much like nowadays, liked going to the movies to … Continue reading

Early memories of film admiration

Seeing as this is the first post on the new blog, I decided to take the time to try and explain myself: I’ve had a thing for film since I was a young child. How young you ask? Well, here is one of my earliest memories involving film that I contribute to my modern day … Continue reading

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