Upcoming events, posts, guest posts, plans, etc.

Tomorrow (Monday, November 21) I will be attending an advanced screening of The Muppets, starring and written by Jason Segel. In conjunction with seeing this production ahead of time (and for free, a detail I’m most happy about) I will be doing a series looking back at all the different Muppet movies of the past and see how the new movie compares, narrowing down to the final post of the series where I will discuss which movie I think is the best.

Another thing going on with The Muppets is a guest post I will be writing for a blog I follow and frequent, Let Them Eat Popcorn, contributing my own review of the movie. Let Them Eat Popcorn is a collective group of reviewers banded together under one clever group name, giving you reviews of new releases and television shows and what to keep your eye out for.

Interspersed among the Muppet posts, and other miscellaneous posts going up over the next few days/weeks, I will continue my ongoing series of Weird obsessions with random actors… with my next subject: John Krasinski.

One Response to “Upcoming events, posts, guest posts, plans, etc.”
  1. Rogelio says:

    I just saw “The Muppets” the other day and I *loved* it! Jason Segel and Amy Adams did such a great job! And then… the muppets! It made me ecstatic seeing them all together again. Me and my parents laughed heartily through the whole movie! I just wish there was more Animal. :)

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